Privacy Policy

Representing Özaltın Otel İşletmeleri A.Ş., Gloria Hotels & Resorts understands the concerns that one might have while sharing personal information on the Internet. To ease your concerns and show you the effort we put into protecting your personal data, we've created below policy alongside its implementation. Our privacy policy may be amended in the future, you will be notified of these amendments via e-mail; continuing to use the website and the membership program means that you accept any changes made.


Representing Özaltın Otel İşletmeleri A.Ş., Gloria Hotels & Resorts only collects personal data which has been shared with the consent of the user. Gloria Hotels & Resorts only uses the personal data provided with the consent of its users to offer additional services. Gloria Hotels & Resorts does not share your personal data with any person or company other than its contracted service providers, and suppliers and participants that assist in our operations. Our contracted service providers, and suppliers and participants that assist in our operations are also subject to legal terms and are liable for protecting the confidentiality of your information that we provide them.

We can use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. Gloria Hotels & Resorts takes all necessary security measures to prevent the information you have submitted from being lost, used for other purposes and changed. Users are also provided the option to update and change all the personal information they share with us online as they please.

Info About Collecting and Using Information

Gloria Hotels & Resorts only collects personal data on a volunteer basis. Users are not obliged to provide us with this information to visit our website; the information required is at the reasonable level required from any website and does not require users to disclose any further information. Gloria Hotels & Resorts primarily uses the information disclosed by users for e-mail updates, marketing news, announcements of promotions, e-brochures and to reply to the questions and suggestions that users might have. We do not share your information with any company or person other than our service providers and/or do not sell this information for commercial profits. Sharing this information without consent is subject to legal obligations and, within this scope, users are assured that Gloria Hotels & Resorts and its contracted service providers are required to keep this information confidential and that they do not reserve the right to use this information for their own interest. We can share the information disclosed by our users (for example, the percentage of participating women/men, etc.) with our contracted service providers and these service providers can be advertisers, business partners, sponsors and third persons. Gloria Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to share your information in event of a sale and/or transfer (this is limited information including address, name, age, gender, post code, country and other address information without restriction of communication channels). Third parties agree to and approve this confidentiality policy's obligations when they share the information they have willingly disclosed on the website.


Gloria Hotels & Resorts can use cookies on the website to enhance your experience. The cookies do not contain any personal information and do not collect any data from your system and/or hard drive. Users are not identified by name and e-mail on our website; instead a special token is used to identify your presence.


Gloria Hotels & Resorts uses up-to-date security standards and software to prevent the loss, change, and use for different purposes of the information kept on its servers and databases. Information transmitted through our website are encrypted through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Gloria Hotels & Resorts are not responsible for any possible bug or security flaws within SSL or other software and/or possible data loss or potential breach by third parties caused by these bugs and/or security flaws.

Links to Other Web Sites

Neither Gloria Hotels & Resorts nor its contracted service providers have any responsibility for other websites connected to this website, and the content of these websites have not been verified by Gloria Hotels & Resorts and its contracted service providers.