Terms and Conditions

  1. By filling in the "Glorian Loyalty Programme" application form, you agree to the general conditions below. Guests are required to be over 18 (eighteen) years of age to be a "Glorian Member Club" member, which is a part of the Glorian Loyalty Programme, and to benefit from the “Glorian Platinum, Glorian Diamond, Glorian Gold” (hereinafter referred to as "Card") card features. This Card is not subject to the provisions of the Regulation on Bank Cards and Credit Cards and can be used only for Gloria Hotels & Resorts complexes.
  2. The Cardholder hereby accepts and declares that the information provided in the form is correct. Application for a card does not mean that the application is accepted.
  3. The card is the property of Özaltın Otel İşletmeleri A.Ş. (ÖZALTIN) and must be returned when required. Cards not returned will in every case be cancelled by ÖZALTIN. The cardholder accepts, declares and undertakes this in advance.
  4. The Card is valid for individual spendings to be made at Gloria Hotel & Resorts complexes operated by ÖZALTIN in Turkey. The Card offers the Member standard advantages and periodic advantages. The scope of the Card is defined solely by ÖZALTIN and the Card is only valid in complexes and sections defined within the scope.
  5. The Card can be used only by the person whom the Card is assigned to, it is non-transferable; only the Card owner can earn rewards or make payments and receive invoices. No invoices shall be issued to trade names.
  6. The advantages provided by the Card are limited to the scope defined solely by ÖZALTIN and cannot be combined with other advantages offered at Gloria Hotels & Resorts complexes, and cannot be combined with other advantages and discounts. ÖZALTIN reserves the right to temporarily or permanently cancel or change the advantages and points system of the Card during advantage periods, if needed, at its sole discretion.
  7. ÖZALTIN can process and store the information the Card holder provides in the application form and share it with ÖZALTIN Otel İşletmeleri A.Ş.'s contracted service providers. The Member agrees to and declares this.
  8. If ÖZALTIN determines any misuse of the Card's conditions of use and irregularity of the Card's use, the Cardholder will be prevented from benefiting from the advantages, and the Cardholder’s rights and advantages will be terminated. In such a case, ÖZALTIN can demand for the Card to be returned and cancel the Card.
  9. The Card must be presented to Gloria Hotels & Resorts and Gloria Sports Arena staff each time it is used, when earning points or returning/changing the Card; identification must be presented to Gloria Hotels & Resorts and Gloria Sports Arena when paying with/spending earned points.
  10. Lost or stolen Cards that are found must be reported to +90 242 710 06 00 or the website or the mobile application, or turned in to Gloria Hotel & Resorts staff.
  11. If the Card is stolen, lost or damaged and unusable, ÖZALTIN shall not be responsible for any losses caused and advantages that cannot be benefited from during the time from when incident occurs until the Cardholder reports the situation to ÖZALTIN. The Member agrees to and declares this in advance. If a written application is made with regard to a lost or stolen Card, the old Card will be cancelled at the written request of the card holder and a new Card with a new Card number/code will be issued.
  12. If the card is damaged beyond use, the cardholder can have a new card issued with the same card number/code by submitting a written request and returning the old card. All rights and advantages earned with the old Card will be transferred to the new Card.
  13. If points earned by individual spendings of the member are not used within 2 (two) years after they are earned, these points will be deemed invalid after the 2-year term has ended. The Member agrees to and declares this in advance.
  14. ÖZALTIN reserves the right to combine the Card with other programmes and transfer them to third persons.
  15. ÖZALTIN exclusively reserves the right to delay, cancel and change the general conditions of all advantages, including the Cards, within the scope of the Glorian Loyalty Programme, by telephone, electronic mail, messages and other methods or without any reason at its sole discretion.
  16. Applicants are required to fill in the "name, surname, TR ID number (passport number), date of birth, gender, province, district, town" fields in the application form to receive the Card. The Member guarantees the validity of the information disclosed by this form and of the information disclosed and to be disclosed by other methods to ÖZALTIN and other programme partners, and agrees and declares that he/she will update this information in event of any changes and understands that ÖZALTIN's books and registries shall be deemed as hard evidence in case of conflict.

I agree to and accept all the loyalty programme conditions listed above.