• GSR Aka 10(1200X720)
  • GSR Aka 8(1200X720)
  • GSR Chef 4(1200X720)
  • GSR Chef 2(1200X720)
  • GSR Fuego 5(1200X720)
  • GSR Fuego 4(1200X720)
  • GSR Estela 1(1200X720)
  • GSR Estela 4(1200X720)
  • GSR Kül 3(1200X720)
  • GSR Kül 1(1200X720)
  • GSR Pastane 04(1200X720)
  • GSR Pastane 02(1200X720)
  • GSR Polo 2(1200X720)
  • GSR Polo 1(1200X720)
  • GSR Scoop 1(1200X720)
  • GSR Scoop 3(1200X720)
  • GSR Chocolatier 3(1200X720)
  • GSR Chocolatier 1(1200X720)
  • GSR Ella 2(1200X720)
  • GSR Ella 3(1200X720)
  • GSR Charlie Parker 4(1200X720)
  • GSR Charlie Parker 7(1200X720)
  • Gloria Serenity Resort Olivium Pool Bar 2
  • Gloria Serenity Resort Olivium Pool Bar 1
  • Gloria Serenity Resort Route66 1
  • Gloria Serenity Resort River Landing A La Carte Restaurant 1
  • Gloria Serenity Le Jardin Au Prıntemps A La Carte Restaurant 1
  • Gloria Serenity La Trattoria Romana A La Carte Restaurant 1
  • GSR Main Restaurant 01(1200X720)
  • GSR Main Restaurant 05(1200X720)
  • GSR Main Restaurant 04(1200X720)
  • GSR Main Restaurant 07(1200X720)
  • GSR Main Restaurant 09(1200X720)
  • GSR Wine Cellar 01(1200X720)
  • GSR Wine Cellar 03(1200X720)


    We present the offers of abundant nature, and add experience, creativity and passion to create an exquisite culinary experience within the beautiful surroundings of Gloria Hotels & Resorts.

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